Introducing The ALL NEW Luxurious Electric 4D Massage Chair, Designed With All The Newest Technology, Luxury, And Stylish Elegance. Even The Smallest Of Details Have Been Carefully Inspected And Crafted With The Highest Quality.

Are daily stresses and tensions taking a toll on your body? Imagine coming home to your personal oasis of relaxation- the cutting edge 4D MASSAGE CHAIR.

Experience a whole new level of comfort and rejuvenation that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

This massage chair is equipped with 4D Mechanical Massage Hands to give you a real massage experience and a multi-functional great value full body massage enjoyment. Full-body airbags compression on shoulders, arms, legs and hips, relive whole-body pain and tension. Whole Body Airbags Massage: Multiple massage airbags in the massage recliner chair wrap your whole body from neck to foot. The segmented airbag can provide a more targeted massage. Massage the shoulders, hands, legs and calves of the body with different strengths. Multiple Functions: Additional functions Alarm function, which will remind the customers to insert money when they sit but do not pay. Buttons on the armrest to control the massage chair lift, recline, strength adjustment and pause, and the USB mobile phone charging port. The Iron money box is safe and convenient to take out and put in. Massage time & price can be changed APP management revenue to view revenue in real-time.

NORMAL PRICE= N1,750,000


Helps bring your body back into balance and contribute to hhealthier blood pressure and heart rate levels.

The standard quality is superb…to make your house the Center of Attractions and beauty.


1.Reduce pains from arthritis and migraines.

2.Improves muscle tensions & strength

3.Relives stress, anxiety.

4.Increase in metabolism

5.Boost energy levels naturally

6.Lowers high blood pressure

7.Neck and back pain relief

8.Sound sleep improvement

9.Reduces swellings on your legs and other parts of your body

10.Promotes good posture

11.Relax, and ease the pain of the body

12.Increase blood circulation throughout the body

13.Body oxygen and Rejuvenation

14.Bost the immune system

15.Improves flexibility

Full body air pressure and hot compress massages from neck to head and back to waist all the way down to buttocks, hips to feet. Head and neck airbag gently pressure function, the pillowcase is filled with high-quality silk material for extra comfort.

NORMAL PRICE= N1,750,000


Stress Relief Massage Chair Give Your Whole Body the Ultimate Massage Experience after A Busy Day of Work and Study.


  1. Revolutionary 3D Massage Technology: Our advanced massage chair is equipped with state-of-the-art 4D massage rollers that mimic the expert hands of a skilled masseur. The rollers move in multiple dimensions, adjusting their intensity to cater to your unique body contours, providing a tailored massage experience that hits all the right spots.

  2. Customizable Massage Programs: Choose from an array of pre-programmed massage sessions designed to target specific areas of your body – from a gentle relaxation mode to a deep tissue massage, our chair offers a variety of options to suit your mood and needs.

  3. Air Compression Massage: Say goodbye to muscle tension! The strategically placed airbags gently inflate and deflate to create a soothing compression massage that helps to improve blood circulation and alleviate muscle soreness.

  4. Heated Comfort: Experience the ultimate coziness with built-in heating elements that provide gentle warmth to your muscles, promoting relaxation and easing stiffness.

  5. Zero Gravity Recline: Immerse yourself in a weightless sensation as the chair reclines into a zero-gravity position, aligning your body for maximum massage effectiveness and relaxation.

  6. Full Body Coverage: Our 4D Massage Chair doesn't miss a spot! Enjoy a complete massage experience from your neck and shoulders down to your calves and feet.

  7. User-Friendly Control: Navigate through the chair's features effortlessly with an intuitive remote control. Adjust the massage intensity, choose your preferred massage type, and target specific areas with ease.

  8. Sleek and Stylish Design: The 4D Massage Chair isn't just functional – it's a stylish addition to your living space. Its modern design seamlessly blends with any interior décor.

Treat Yourself Today! 

Invest in your well-being and transform your home into a sanctuary of relaxation with the Ultimate 4D Massage Chair. Experience the luxury of a personalized massage whenever you desire – without the hassle of scheduling appointments or leaving your home.

 Don't miss out on the future of relaxation. Order your 4D Massage Chair now and embark on a journey to unwind, rejuvenate, and feel your best self! 


Bluetooth, zero gravity, full-body airbag, back and foot roller massage, lower back heating. Both 6 automatic massages and manual specific part massages, suitable for hypertensive patients, easy back pain, improves the immune system. strength and speed can be adjusted for the best massage experience.

Built-in waist heater, the suitable temperature can enhance the massage effect to promote blood circulation, relieve muscle pain, tension. The back of the massage chair has 8 fixed rollers to more accurately find the location of the massage.

A pair of wheels are placed behind, now you can easily move to any position in the room.

NORMAL PRICE= N1,750,000



Please ensure you are FULLY ready for this ORDER and the money to pay at the point of delivery is available before placing your order. 

Kindly don’t Place an order if you would be traveling soon, or you are not financially ready to receive the order in 2 - 4 days.

We spend a lot of money & time shipping these items to different locations in Nigeria and we don’t want a situation where your order arrives at your location & you are not available for pickup. Such situations have caused s Millions of Naira lately.

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